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Personalized, One-On-One Representation

At Weber Law Firm, L.C., we provide a level of personalized, one-on-one representation that our clients need when facing a serious injury claim or a criminal charge. Founder Matt Weber will work directly with you at every step.

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Compassionate Advocacy When You Need It Most

Meet Your Attorney

When you contact a lawyer at a large firm, you are never sure who you will be meeting with or which attorney will actually be handling your case.  Our St. Peters-based law firm is called the Weber Law Firm, L.C., for a reason: as the founder and sole attorney, Matt Weber represents clients personally at every step of every case.

At other firms, clients expect one attorney to be handling their case, but are “handed off” to a paralegal or inexperienced associate. At Weber Law Firm, L.C., every part of your case – every hearing, phone call, and document filed — is handled by the named partner. This consistency can help you feel at ease when a serious injury or criminal charge has thrown your life into uncertainty.

Accidents & Injuries

Criminal Defense

All The Legal Support You Need After A Serious Injury

Providing You With Options In Criminal Matters

People facing criminal charges come to my firm fearful of the future and feeling that they have little hope for a positive outcome. My job is to create options to lessen the penalties you may face. A jail cell does not have to be an automatic destination.

Do not put your criminal case in the hands of an attorney who will merely pass it off to a paralegal or lesser experienced associate. Get the level of representation you need when so much is at stake.

What Clients Say


“Matt set my mind at ease, took my case seriously and just took care of everything for me. He got me out of a mess, and I can’t thank him enough for it.”

“Matt is always willing to go above and beyond. He is awesome at what he does and always goes to bat for you. I highly, highly recommend him!”

“My situation was unique and I needed a miracle. Matt did nothing less than deliver that miracle. He is professional, genuine, and empathetic. He goes above and beyond and actually cares about his clients.”

“Matt has your back. Anytime you run into trouble and need a way out, he has a solution. And he’ll take care of you.”

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