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The penalties for drinking and driving have become more severe, particularly for repeat offenders, who often face mandatory jail time. In many states, plea bargaining is restricted or banned in drunk-driving cases. Fines have increased and driver's license suspensions have lengthened. It is also harder to obtain a "hardship" license that allows a person only to drive to and from work. In this climate an experienced drunk-driving defense attorney is essential.

At the Weber Law Firm, L.C., we encourage residents of St. Peters and those throughout Missouri charged with DUI to contact a seasoned criminal defense lawyer immediately. Speaking to the police only strengthens their case. Negotiating with prosecutors to plea bargain ignores the rights and options you have.

Matt Weber, the founder of our firm, serves as not only your attorney, but also your most diligent and dedicated advocate, ready to go up against law enforcement to achieve the best outcome we can. Listed below are various resources on criminal charges related to drunk driving.

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