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Dealing With the Legal and Personal Issues of Domestic Violence

Some lawyers look at a criminal case and immediately find a way to resolve it via a plea bargain. We take a different approach at the St. Peters-based Weber Law Firm, L.C., particularly with criminal matters that involve domestic violence. Aggressive preparation and pursuit of the facts is key. Too much is at stake not to prepare for trial immediately.

In some areas of Missouri, a domestic violence accusation and subsequent restraining order are dealt with severely. Do not just give in to a plea bargain. We will aggressively fight for your rights. Contact us at 636-487-4139.

Restraining Orders and Domestic Violence

If you’ve been arrested on charges of domestic violence, chances are a restraining order will be issued against you as well. Typically, a temporary restraining order will be issued after the person who feels threatened files an affidavit at their local courthouse. Fifteen days later, the court will hold a hearing to determine how long the restraining order should be in effect. You can call witnesses to testify on your behalf, challenging the claims of the person who asked for the restraining order against you. Given the stakes involved, it’s important to have an attorney prepare and present your case in order to avoid having the restraining order extended.

If a restraining order is issued, you will be required to do the following:

  • Relinquish any firearms you have
  • Move out of any living space you share with the person who requested the restraining order against you
  • Avoid phoning, e-mailing, or contacting the person, their children, or their family members who believe you are a threat to them
  • Maintain a certain physical distance from the person the restraining order is supposed to protect

If you violate a restraining order, you can be prosecuted, sent to jail, and may end up with a permanent criminal record.

Emotional Issues Often Dictate Domestic Violence Accusations

At the Weber Law Firm, L.C., we know that domestic violence cases are rife with highly emotional issues. Sometimes, a pending divorce brings out the worst in people, and they use domestic violence as leverage in a child custody or support matter.

A Willingness To Go to Trial for Your Domestic Violence Case

Preparing for trial helps us get to the facts. It also allows those emotions to subside. The alleged victims may not show up in court. A husband and wife decide to reunite. Both parties chalk up the incident to excessive alcohol use. A reflex action of pleading guilty is not in your best interests and can have dire consequences.

Time is of the essence. You need to act quickly to ensure that your rights are protected.

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