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St. Peters Meth Possession Defense Lawyer

Strong Defense Against Missouri Drug Charges

St. Louis and its outlying areas, such as St. Peters and St. Charles, have become a focus of state and federal law enforcement agencies seeking to find and eliminate methamphetamines. The authorities aggressively investigate and charge those suspected of being involved with meth in any way. To protect your rights, you need a skilled defense lawyer who understands drug prosecutions.

Do not talk to police and do not plead guilty to meth charges or drug crimes of any sort without talking to a lawyer at the Weber Law Firm, L.C., first. We are ready to defend your rights against these serious charges. Call 636-487-4139. You can also contact our St. Peters law firm online.

Skilled Defense Against Meth Possession and Related Charges

Our St. Peters meth possession defense attorney understands what it takes to build strong defenses. It starts with giving you an honest assessment of the case against you. If the government has a strong case, we will tell you. Even if there is a good deal of evidence against you, we will work aggressively and diligently to have charges and penalties reduced.

We have the ability to handle all charges related to methamphetamines, such as:

  • Meth possession and possession with intent to sell
  • Meth manufacturing and meth labs
  • Drug trafficking
  • Distribution

Drug Court Program

For those facing meth charges, heroin charges or charges involving most other kinds of drugs, there may be a possibility of enrolling in a drug court program. This program defers the charges to a later date. If you successfully complete the program, the charges will be dropped. However, there will be a bond involved and it will probably be high. We encourage you to speak with an attorney at our firm before hiring a bondsman.

Do Not Give Up

Many people feel like they have no choice but to plead guilty. Do not do that without getting legal advice first. If you come to us, we will investigate and explore all possible defenses. Did police illegally search your home or car? Was there a search warrant? There are many possibilities, so don’t give up before learning about what we can do for you.

Contact a St. Charles Methamphetamine Trafficking Defense Attorney

To schedule a free consultation to discuss your drug charges with a skilled Missouri criminal defense lawyer, call 636-487-4139 or contact our law office online.