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Protecting The Rights Of The Injured

Do you know all of your rights?

Few people do.

Knowing your rights, however, becomes critical when you have been injured in an accident. You most likely have already encountered the insurance adjusters and even the attorneys from the insurance company. Before you agree to anything, you should come see us at the Weber Law Firm, L.C.

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Undivided Loyalty To You And Only You

You can depend on the years of experience held by our firm’s founding lawyer, Matt Weber. Attorney Weber has committed his entire career to delivering personalized legal services to clients just like you on a one-to-one basis throughout the St. Peters area.

We offer this level of individually tailored legal representation to clients in a broad variety of injury matters, including, for instance, broken limbs, injuries to the head, neck, back and shoulders, as well as construction zone injuries.

Keep in mind: the insurance adjusters and the insurance lawyers work for the insurance company. Their job is to protect the insurance company’s bottom line. For that reason, they are going to attempt to keep any compensation paid to you at a minimum.

That’s where we come in. Our only loyalty is to you. We negotiate on your behalf. If necessary, we go to court on your behalf. We protect your rights aggressively against the powerful insurance interests at work in personal injury cases.

Let Us Protect Your Rights When You Are Injured

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