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An immediate plea of guilty to marijuana possession may resolve your case so you can move on with your life. However, that life is affected with a criminal record following you around. Applying for school or a job becomes more difficult when a serious drug charge is uncovered. What seemed like a good idea or your “civic duty” based on what prosecutors and police told you has now caused great harm.

At the Weber Law Firm, L.C. in St. Peters, we want you to know that you are not just entitled to representation from an attorney, you need it to protect your best interests and, more importantly, your rights.

Do not negotiate with anyone until you talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact the Weber Law Firm, L.C., at 636-487-4139.

The Pressure You Feel When Charged with Marijuana Possession

At the Weber Law Firm, L.C., we know the pressure our clients face before they contact us. Good people, including kids, just find themselves in bad situations. They want to find a way out. Sometimes, law enforcement will offer a lesser charge or outright dismissal if the individual recently arrested will set up friends. That strategy will not help anything and could result in you getting seriously hurt or killed.

Resolving Your Case in Your Best Interest

The arresting officer may try to deal with you to turn other people in as to avoid prosecution. There is no way to enforce any agreement with them. Turning in other users and dealers can be extremely dangerous. Do not put yourself in danger. Do not talk to or work with the police. Contact us to protect your rights and build your drug possession defense. We will look out for your best interests when others are doing the opposite. We will get to the facts of your case and strive to resolve the possession charge in a manner that meets your goals and objectives.

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