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Drug Crime Defense

Facing criminal charges in a drug case means your rights are uniquely at risk, but it does not mean that you cannot protect those rights. Unfortunately, too many people nevertheless make the mistake of thinking that their rights are best preserved by pleading guilty or by throwing themselves on the mercy of the court.

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Let Us Help You Understand Your Options

Even if you do not understand your rights or how to protect them, we do. Our firm brings years of experience to bear on your case. That experience means we know how different prosecutors and different judges may affect the outcome of your case.

That experience also gives us the seasoned legal judgment you need to choose wisely from your legal options, particularly in areas where the drug laws may be gray. You will be able to rely confidently on our guidance when we recommend a course of action, whether that action is trial, a plea deal or some other resolution of your case.

As a result of our experience, we can represent you in a wide variety of drug crime defense cases, including those cases involving charges related to, among other things:

Not only can attorney Matt Weber help you take advantage of your legal options, he can also help you gain the benefit of the practical options available to you. These options often include treatment and educational resources.

Let Our Firm’s Lawyer Help You

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