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Lifelong Consequences for Minors Possessing and Using Alcohol

Youthful mischief is one thing. A minor possessing or using alcohol is quite another. It is a crime that will follow a child well into adulthood, affecting college aspirations and professional futures. At the Weber Law Firm, L.C., in St. Peters, we recognize the long-term severity of an underage drinking charge and work hard to minimize the damage that could be done.

One mistake can have devastating circumstances for a minor in possession of alcohol. Our job is to communicate your options and aggressively fight to mitigate any punishment. Contact us at 636-487-4139.

Abusing Alcohol Could Lead to Losing a Driver’s License for a Minor

The “Abuse and Lose” statute relates to a minor consuming alcohol or possessing drugs. Use of either of those substances could result in the loss of a minor’s driver’s license for having any amount in of alcohol in their system (.02 or higher).

Providing You Options and Hope for the Future

While the statute exists and is often enforced, a charge of underage drinking does not have to carry such severe consequences. At the Weber Law Firm, L.C., we thoroughly investigate the case against your child and seek out the best option to lessen the impact on their future. Criminal defense attorney Matt Weber, the founder of our firm, has been successful in getting serious underage drinking charges down to a mere fine.

While not a guarantee, you clearly have options beyond an immediate guilty plea. Hope for scholarships and good jobs can vanish in an instant. Let help your child can move beyond that mistake and provide them with a brighter future.

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