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Probation Violation Lawyer in St. Peters

Finding Acceptable Remedies to Probation Violations

Being placed on probation requires you to follow strict guidelines mandated by the courts. Deviating from those rules will only cause you trouble and can even land you in jail. At the Weber Law Firm, L.C., in St. Peters, we represent clients who are charged with probation violations in Missouri.

Do not let fear of probation revocation dictate your decision-making process. You may want to run and hide, but your best option is to let us help you resolve what could be a simple misunderstanding. Call 636-487-4139 for a free consultation. You can also contact our St. Peters law firm online.

Don’t Panic if You Violated Probation

You may have been allowed to take a class or perform community service in lieu of prison time. For whatever reason, you failed to live up to those requirements and you have found yourself back on the wrong side of the law. Do not panic. St. Peters probation violation attorney Matt Weber at the Weber Law Firm, L.C., can help.

Establishing a Game Plan to Keep You Out of Jail

We not only establish a game plan based on the facts, we also look at the agreement to see if there actually was a violation. We have seen many agreements that were ambiguous about exactly what was supposed to be done. If your agreement is unclear, we will fight hard to keep you from going to jail.

In addition, we communicate to the courts how jail time for the probation violation would affect you. The job you may hold will become a thing of the past. Locking you up for a perceived probation violation does more harm than good. If you are a productive and hard-working community member, we bring that information to the attention of the courts. In most circumstances, a positive outcome is available.

Contact a St. Charles County Parole Violation Attorney

For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer regarding probation or parole violations, please call 636-487-4139. You can also contact our St. Peters law firm online.