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3 consequences of drug charges for college students

Drug use is extremely common on college campuses in the U.S. In fact, recent studies show that attending college full time doubles your likelihood of abusing drugs or alcohol—as compared to not attending college at all.

For many students, drug use may seem like the norm, and it may be easy to fall under the mistaken impression that such behavior in college is accepted. However, getting caught with drugs—even marijuana—can spell serious consequences for your future. Here are three things any college student should know about doing drugs:

How much marijuana possession is considered a felony?

With more states beginning to legalize marijuana use, either medically or recreationally, it is important for those who live in states where marijuana is illegal to be aware of the potential consequences.

This is particularly important when crossing state lines, as offenses and penalties differ depending on which state you are in. Let’s look at how drug offenses and penalties differ between Missouri and Illinois.

A must to avoid: slip and fall accidents at retailers

Slip and fall accidents with injury will happen, but not likely on a banana peel.

Customers who visit restaurants and retail, grocery or convenience stores have every reason to believe that they are strolling through a safe location that’s free of anything that can cause harm and injury.

Avoid winter road accidents this season

Cold weather is nothing new to most Missourians. Still, with winter’s ice and snow come the increased possibility motorists will get into an accident, thanks to potentially reckless driving.

As you are venturing out on the road this season, take a few precautions to help avoid the possibility of an accident.

Know when to talk to the police

Almost everybody has heard of Miranda Rights and “the right to remain silent.” It’s a familiar concept, but it’s tough to keep your cool when you feel like a deer in the headlights. When the police accuse somebody of a crime there’s a rush of adrenaline, anxiety and fear that may override more logical responses. Silence remains the best way to protect your individual rights. A case in point comes from New Orleans, where a prosecutor tricked suspects into talking when they didn’t legally have to.

A criminal record will harm you down the road

It sometimes seems like law enforcement has it in for high school and college students. Other people can get home from the bars without being pulled over. But if you have your school decal in the window, there are the spinning lights.

Students get arrested for a handful of offenses: DUI, underage drinking, fighting, minor sex offenses and petty theft. None of these are serious felonies, but each one is enough to affect your education and future.

5 key steps to take after a distracted driving accident in Missouri

Missouri is one of only three states that haven't banned texting while driving. In fact, the National Safety Council recently called on Missouri and the other two states -- Montana and Arizona -- "to pass legislation immediately" and ban texting behind the wheel.

The reality is that a mountain of evidence exists to show how dangerous texting while driving is. In fact, studies and national statistics have shown that texting while driving is just as dangerous as -- and sometimes more dangerous than -- drunk driving.

3 tips to handling your insurance company after an accident

It may be hard to think straight in the aftermath of a car accident. Perhaps people were injured or your car was totaled, and now you face enormous bills you did not anticipate. Your insurer is supposed to cover these types of situations, right?

Unfortunately, insurance companies are not looking out for us as much as we might think. In the end, they are trying to make a profit. They do not want to hand out money willingly. You need to be careful how you interact with them and what you do after the accident.

How and why to draft a will in Missouri

Creating a will tends to lead people into considering the end of life and the possibility that it may happen at an unexpected time. This can sometimes be unpleasant for some people, but there are many benefits of having a will and those benefits make some discomfort while drafting one worth the effort.

For those who are unfamiliar with the process, creating a will can seem like a daunting task, but once you know some basic information about wills and their use, it can quickly simplify the situation. Some of the biggest questions are "what is a will?" and "why should I have one?"

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