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A must to avoid: slip and fall accidents at retailers

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2017 | blog

Slip and fall accidents with injury will happen, but not likely on a banana peel.

Customers who visit restaurants and retail, grocery or convenience stores have every reason to believe that they are strolling through a safe location that’s free of anything that can cause harm and injury.

Sometimes, though, it’s not the case.

You may have legal claim

No matter how much a business may prepare its store and train its employees on maintaining a safe environment for customers, accidents do occur on site

And instead of a banana peel, the culprit may be a buckled floor mat, ice, liquid such as water or coffee, oil, soap, or a piece of food. Other factors such as poor lighting may play a role, too.

Should a slip and fall injury occur in a retail store such as Walmart, a grocery chain such as Schnuck’s or Hy-Vee, and even a Panera Bread restaurant, you just may have a legal claim

An obligation to keep customers safe

Any business that opens its doors and welcomes customers are obligated to keep people reasonably safe. No business wants to see a customer base filled with broken ankles and arms, back injuries, or concussions.

But when these accidents do occur, some businesses aren’t all that cooperative and may prepare of defense of no dangerous condition existed, or the person was negligent.

This is why you must be prepared.

Here is a list of basic tips for a person who has sustained a slip and fall injury on the property of a business. The same list could apply to workplace or motor vehicle accidents.