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The impact of a criminal record on a college career

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2023 | Felonies, Misdemeanors

In today’s competitive academic landscape, a criminal record can cast a long shadow over one’s educational journey.

If you are dealing with a major legal issue, it is important to realize how having a criminal record can seriously affect your chances of success in college. This highlights the importance of having a strong defense.

Admissions hurdles

The Institute of Higher Ed reports that 33% of applicants who report a felony conviction are rejected by a college. Many educational institutions conduct thorough background checks on prospective students.  A record may lead to a rejection, preventing entry into a desired institution.

Limited financial aid opportunities

Federal financial aid programs often have strict eligibility requirements, which may exclude those with certain types of convictions. This limitation forces students to seek alternative means of funding their education.

Restricted access to housing

Having a record of a conviction can severely limit housing options. Many colleges have policies in place that restrict or even prohibit individuals with certain criminal backgrounds from residing in on-campus housing. This can necessitate the search for off-campus housing.

Limited career opportunities post-graduation

A criminal record can hinder finding a job after graduation. Many professions require background checks as part of the hiring process. Some employers may be hesitant to hire individuals with certain types of convictions, particularly those related to trust and responsibility.

Social stigma and isolation

If a court has convicted you, it can also lead to social isolation. Students may face prejudice and judgment from peers and faculty members alike. This stigma can create a hostile environment.

If you are facing a charge of a serious crime, you need an effective defense to avoid the possible negative impact on a college career.