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More on Warrants: Misdemeanors and Traffic Tickets

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2015 | Warrants

If you would have called me 25 years ago to talk about Warrant, I would have assumed you were talking about one of the greatest hair bands of my youth.  Let’s face it, they rocked! (If you were born after 1990, please ignore this reference). Today, however, my daily conversations about warrant(s) are much different and suprisingly, very common.  In last week’s blog post, I talked about Felony Warrants, this week I’ll cover misdemeanor and traffic ticket warrants.

Do you have an unpaid traffic ticket? Did you write a bad check? Did your teenager shoplift something under $500? Then I’m talking to you!

Finding the Warrant

With your help, an attorney can make some phone calls and easily get the information you need on your warrant and the amount of your bond. Once we have this material, we can determine the complexity in resolving the matter.

Withdrawing the Warrant

The necessary steps of having a warrant withdrawn is dependent on the city/county/municipality from which it is from.  In some courts, it is as easy as a phone call or fax from your attorney, other places require a court appearance or a paid warrant fee (typically ranging from $100-150- keep in mind this would still be cheaper than your bond amount).

Why Waiting is a Bad Decision

Getting a warrant taken care of for an unpaid traffic ticket or misdemeanor in most cases is a fairly simple process.  Getting arrested without warning and posting bond to get out of jail, is an expensive inconvience at best.  Tackle your legal problems head on! Call an attorney, get the information you need, and make an informed decision to make this warrant go away now! (I highly advise you to continue rocking out to the other Warrant though.) Your Legal Heaven isn’t too far away!

If you have questions concerning a warrant in the St. Charles/St. Louis area, feel free to contact me at (636)487-4139 or [email protected].